About Us


A scientist turned farmer, Bill Evans built a state of the art greenhouse in 2017! His vision was to create a business selling quality bionutrient dense hydroponic lettuces and herbs to the local community. A second goal was to provide on the job training, employment, and wealth creation opportunities for low income and unemployed residents in the local workforce.


Bill has worked in the pharmaceutical field as a scientist and manager for close to 40 years. He trained at the University of Arizona Controlled Environmental Agriculture Center (UA-CEAC) learning how to operate greenhouses and use hydroponic methods to grow a variety of vegetables.

Quality Product

Providing the freshest and most nutritious produce is paramount to the business vision.  Understanding the multiple factors of light, nutrient solution, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, cleanliness, safety, and documentation without the use of harsh pesticides all contribute to growing the most healthy bionutrient dense produce.