Fresh Roots Greenhouse products are available in our local community to enjoy the freshest lettuces and herbs from our greenhouse to your table. We think you'll notice immediately the difference and care taken to bring you this nutrient dense freshness. We market to local farm stands, retailers, restaurants and local businesses supporting large cafeterias. The normal cycle for growing heads of lettuce is 5 to 8 weeks. Please call 978-710-5791 or email ( to get unit pricing along with volume discounts. 

Produce Availability

Many different varieties have been grown over the past several months with a bionutrient dense process. Weekly harvests occur to accommodate a continuous supply all year round. To reserve large orders over 100 units please order 2 months in advance. There will always be a selection of products grown that will be available on a shorter term basis, but call soon before the products you want are sold out!


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What is hydroponic farming?  Hydroponic farming is a growing method where plants are grown without soil.  They are grown with nutrient solution bathing the roots of the plant giving them all the nutrients they need to propagate to a bionutrient dense vegetable.

Are hydroponic vegetables as nutritious as soil grown vegetables?  A healthy plant makes its own vitamins whether it is grown in the soil or hydroponically.  However, minerals can vary in the soil as well as how the hydroponic nutrient solution is prepared.  Regarding the nutrient solution, minerals and complex nutrients are added to achieve a bionutrient dense plant.  In many cases, a controlled nutrient solution can produce a vegetable that is "nutritionally superior" to that of soil.