Living Nutrients

The Living Difference

Fresh Roots Greenhouse produce is delivered to you still living!  The freshness timely delivery from harvest date is a critical difference.  The product comes with the original rooting plug that holds nutrient solution to extend the life of the produce right into your kitchen and refrigerated storage area

The Bionutrient Dense Difference

The proper nutrient balance for the plant is critical to achieve the healthiest product.  Fresh Roots Greenhouse tests the density of the minerals and complex sugars within the plant to achieve the optimum blend of nutrients that an individual lettuce or herb type requires.  This optimum level provides a nutrient solution that extends the life and freshness of the plant outside of the controlled greenhouse environment.  Additionally, this bionutrient dense plant naturally wards off some pests because they seek less dense plants for easier digestion.

Controlled Environmental Agriculture

The Fresh Roots Greenhouse is a state of the art greenhouse allowing for an automated controlled environment monitoring temperature, light, humidity, carbon dioxide, and nutrient solution concentrations to standardize the critical growth characteristics of the plants.